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Unfortunately we’re not looking for any new music right now! Check back here now and then to see when demo submissions are open again…We’ll also let you guys know on Twitter/FB.

We love to hear new music. But if you don’t follow these steps we won’t listen to it.

1.) We want to hear original songs. No mashups, remixes, or rip-offs.

2.) All songs need to be completely finished. Nothing like ‘if you like it I will add that and that and then finish it’.

3.) Send your best song only. We will only listen to one song at the time.

4.) Send the music to We prefer links with streaming preview (for example SoundCloud). If you use this e-mail adress for promos or newsletters (or similar) you will get bad karma – and we will get angry. You don’t want that.

5.) Write a few lines about yourself. We want to know who you are!

6.) We also want to get in touch with vocalists and songwriters, so if you’re not a producer but still want to show your talent write that clearly in the subject of the e-mail.

7.) If we like what we hear, we will get in touch. If we don’t get in touch, get back to the studio and keep working.